Products Management

Products Management Software has given a new form and shape to businesses of different sizes. Using this tool allows businesses to do detailed planning and manufacturing of their products. They can develop, manage, and launch their products with different improved features that ignite the interest of the consumers. Your team can work efficiently on different levels of product production and divide the working responsibilities equally. With the help of this free small business management software.

Manage all your products in one place

The Product Management module in BOS is designed to provide a centralized hub for managing all aspects of the company’s product portfolio. This module allows users to create, update, and delete product information.

  • Categories management: It provides customers with an organized product catalog, making it simpler for them to locate what they’re seeking. Furthermore, multiple categories and subcategories may be created depending on each product line’s particular needs.
  • Unlimited product description: Sellers offering unlimited product descriptions ensure customers can obtain comprehensive details for every product available for sale, enabling informed purchasing decisions with increased satisfaction levels and decreased return rates.
  • Product details and prices: Transparency and trust are vitally important. By accurately and transparently representing product details and prices, sellers can increase credibility while creating easier transactions.
  • Custom fields: It provides businesses with additional data entry capabilities tailored to specific requirements beyond standard fields, giving them more room to record unique information pertinent to their products or services. 
  • API integration unifies a system with external applications to maximize functionality and efficiency, streamlining data exchange and automating processes for an improved platform that’s both more robust and versatile.


Beneficial For E-commerce Businesses

Beneficial For E-commerce Businesses

E-commerce businesses often face complications in handling different aspects of maintaining products and providing satisfactory results to the customers. This software is beneficial, especially for handling such situations. Businesses can now add, manage, and update the list of their products and organize it professionally. You can also track stock levels in real time to ensure you’re not overstocking or stocking out.

Businesses can interact efficiently with their clients when they use the services. Using the services of software product development services is also important because it helps in solving specific issues. According to your business requirements. 

Why Do Users Choose BOS Business Management Software?

BOS Product management software has important matters and collaborates through detailed planning and you can customize your products in a better way. The chances of your product’s success are also prominent when you’re focusing on your business goals and clients requirements.