8 Customized Text Message Templates To Engage Customers

8 customized text message templates to engage customers

Communication in today’s fast-paced environment is more essential than ever, yet emails often end up getting lost amongst all the notifications and other digital noise. Text messaging offers businesses an effective tool to connect directly with customers on mobile devices – connecting businesses directly with potential clients while building customer loyalty and retention.

Studies reveal an impressive open rate of over 90% for SMS messages, making them a highly effective way to connect with audiences. But crafting the ideal text message template can be challenging; here, we present 8 customized text message templates to engage customers and increase business interactions using Bos.Work’s free Small Business management software – featuring Bulk SMS sender software and product management features among others!

1. Welcome Message: A Warm Introduction 

A hearty greeting can go far towards creating relationships. Send a text message welcoming customers when they sign up for your services that makes them feel valued and makes the sale.


Thank you, [Name], for joining [Company Name]! We’re delighted that you are now part of our family! If any queries arise or for further information visit Bos.Work.

Pro Tip: Take advantage of Bos.Work’s Bulk SMS Sender software to automate welcome messages for each new client and free up time for other tasks.

2. Sales Messages that Generate Excitement

Text messages can be an ideal way of drawing interest to special offers and discounts, by keeping messages brief while emphasizing value proposition and including clear call to action.


This weekend only! Save 20% when you shop all [product category]. Use coupon code FLASH20 at checkout & shop now at [your website link].

Tip: Bos.Work’s analytics tools within its Bulk SMS sender software allow you to monitor the effectiveness of sales messages sent using bulk SMS senders, and this enables you to enhance future campaigns for even greater results.

3. Text Messaging to Reach Top Talent 

Text messaging offers an efficient means of reaching potential employees quickly and efficiently.


Our exciting team at [Company Name] are seeking all-star candidates in [Job Title]. Now is your opportunity to apply for one of their exciting roles! For details please go here [link to Job Description].

Pro Tip: Utilizing Bos.Work’s powerful recruitment tools will streamline your hiring process and save both time and resources in the process.

4. Payment Reminders: Gentle Nudges

Polite reminders can go far in curbing late payments. Make your message friendly while offering multiple payment methods to maximize convenience for yourself and others.


WELCOME [Name], as your payment of [amount] for [service] is due by [date], please pay online via [website link], or reply with “OPTIONS” if alternative payment options exist.

Pro Tip: Integrating automatic payment reminders into Bos.Work can help improve cash flow while automating finances.

5. Interview Message: Confirming Details

Coordinating interviews can be time-consuming; text messages help simplify this process with quick confirmations that can help shorten scheduling timelines and save you valuable minutes in wasted travel time.


Just wanted to confirm my interview for [job title] position scheduled on [date and time]. Please confirm or reschedule by replying with “CONFIRM/RESCHEDULE.”

Pro Tip: Enhance your professional image using Bos.Work’s suite of communication tools – such as email templates and scheduling capabilities.

6. Confirmation Text for Peace of Mind

To build trust and avoid miscommunications, send confirmation texts for all appointments, bookings or orders made with others. Doing this creates peace of mind while at the same time creating confidence that everything will go according to plan.


Attention [Name], please find here confirmation for your [appointment/booking/order] on [date/time]. We look forward to welcoming you then!

Pro Tip: Integrating automatic confirmation messages with Bos.Work system will create an exceptional customer experience and will streamline operations for the smooth operation of business activities.

7. Employee Communication: Enhancing Information Flow

Text messages can be an efficient means of internal communication within your team, sharing updates, reminders or schedule changes quickly and efficiently.


Team! Just a reminder that this meeting is at [time and location]. Agenda items to cover are [brief overview of contents]. See you all there!

Pro Tip: Foster two-way communication by taking advantage of Bos.Work’s secure internal chat platform to maintain open communications among members of your team.

8. Opening Times at Your Fingertips

Customers appreciate knowing your business hours; make it convenient by adding an opening times message directly onto your profile or website.


Our hours are open! Visit us Monday-Friday between [time]-[time], [Saturday between [time] -[time], with Sundays closed off as visitable hours. Find us at [your address].

Pro Tip: With Bos.Work’s user-friendly platform, setting and updating opening hours has never been simpler!

Bos.Work Is an All-in-one SMS Marketing Solution

Bos.Work provides powerful yet cost-effective SMS-sending software for meeting customer communication needs. Here’s how Bos.Work supports SMS marketing:

  • Easy to use Interface: Easy interface for quickly creating, sending, and scheduling personalized text messages directly to your audience without effort or resource expenditures. 
  • Bulk messaging capabilities: Reach large audiences of customers at one click to save both time and resources.
  • Seamless integration: Integrate Bos.Work’s SMS sender software seamlessly with your Products Management system for an integrated customer experience. 
  • Detailed analytics: Gain insights by tracking campaign performance and using this data for analysis to optimize future messaging efforts.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Bos.Work offers competitive pricing plans tailored to fit the unique requirements of each business, meeting every need efficiently. 

By harnessing SMS marketing and Bos.Work’s comprehensive business management tools, your firm can build stronger customer relationships, drive sales more easily, and ensure efficient operations overall.Visit Bos.Work now and learn about their plans – then begin your path toward success! For further queries, read out our blog post on “How does SMS Marketing help to grow a business?

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